Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Thing 23 - The End (Part1)

Well this is the final blog of the CPD23, how ever I'm already looking at starting some more blogs, one about work, one with my wildlife photography and maybe even something else!  I've tried blogging before, but never really got into it.  However doing this has really inspired me.  I've learnt so much & although some of it - I hate to admit this but ..... - I'm still struggling with,  I shall still refer to this site from time to time for ideas and refreshers.  I may even do it again next year, because the things I'm struggling with may seem clearer a second time around. 

I never thought to do a SWOT analysis for my PPD.  I've written many SWOTs before & find them really useful.  I don't feel comfortable posting mine here I'm afraid ,so sorry about that, but I am going to keep it, & update it on a regular basis & maybe next year if I feel more confident I may post it.

I think I'm going to call this post, Part 1, because I want to go through everything I've learnt & evaluate it & see how I can put it into practise & cascade information to my colleagues.  However that could take some time, so I'm afraid it will be a case of watch this space.  I'm in need of a well earned rest & a bucket load of Tramadol before I can attempt that.

Thank you to the organisers of this, it has been really useful.

Part 2 in a couple of weeks - I hope.

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